Why Custom Cakes Are Worth the Money

Why Custom Cakes Are Worth the Money

Minda Makes Cakes is a black woman-owned bakery in Buford, GA. We have a full selection of custom cakes, and we are sure you will love our baked goods as much as we do! Custom cakes are unique and personalized to how you want them decorated, and we put our time and energy to ensure your final product is worth your money. Pick up or get your custom cake delivered today!

Custom Cake

Lots of Time and Effort

At Minda Makes Cakes, we pay attention to detail and take the time to customize your cake to perfection. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your baked goods, and we are dedicated to the craft of your custom cake.

Custom baby cake

Heart and Soul Put Into the Cake

Creating a custom cake is not just about putting in the time, but it is also about putting your heart and soul into the final product. Our team is passionate about cakes, and we want you to enjoy your custom cake as much as we do!

Custom cake

Customized to What You Want

Whether you want a birthday cake, wedding cake, or cake for any other special event, at Minda Makes Cakes, we can customize your cake however you desire! We want you to walk away with a unique treat that will make your day special.

Custom cake

No Limitations

The sky’s the limit at our bakery. Do you want something simple and elegant? We have you covered! If you want something three-dimensional and eye-catching, we can create any cake to your request. We are confident that our passion and experience can create anything you can think of.

At Minda Makes Cakes, we are passionate about cakes and we specialize in customization for your special day or event. We bake our cakes with no limitations, and we take the time to ensure your customized treat is worth the money! Take a look at our pricing to learn more.